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Consulting Services
for All Your IAM, CIAM,
and PAM Needs

We assist customers across multiple industries through their IAM journey and are recognized as a key advisor and integrator from the beginning to the end. 

Finding the right IAM, CIAM, and PAM solutions and services is challenging with so many options on the market. By partnering with us, your company can leverage our industry expertise to identify, design, develop, and implement solutions that are agile, functional, and compliant. 

We’re business-oriented, service-driven, and consistent in

everything we do. 


Our Teams works with your business to develop a strategic roadmap that clearly defines your business goals. We offer a variety of services that can transform the capabilities of your organization and its software, improve your internal processes, and provide your business with scalable solutions for future growth.

It is essential to understand what areas of your business are working as intended and which areas are not performing.

Defining your Identity and Access Management strategy and roadmap lets you set short- and long-term goals that are designed around your objectives and priorities.

Assessment, Strategy, and Roadmaps.

Transitioning from legacy vendors or outdated platforms is a challenge for most businesses to approach. Even the smallest changes can cascade out of control if they’re not managed properly. 

The assessment and roadmap are designed to help you understand, define, and plan for a successful Identity and Access Management program.

Assessment, Strategy,
and Roadmaps

Full-Service Architecture Design and Development Configuration

Your business needs a customized solution that is designed specifically for you.

Our team of system architects and developers can help you build your architecture from the ground up. We design systems that are efficient, functional, and capable of satisfying your business objectives. 

We aim to minimize downtime

Whether your business requires integration within existing enterprise architecture groups or multiple deployments and integrations for new software, we are experts at creating highly-efficient architectures. 

You can rely on our team of trained and certified developers to create and integrate the system you need. Everything we create is designed for scalability, functionality, and agility. 

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Experience a Seamless
Deployment Process

It takes a team of knowledgeable professionals to deploy and integrate a new IAM solution and we make it easy for your company to make the transition from development to deployment.

We support you through every step of the process 


Adapting to your new technical solutions can be challenging yet we help your company reduce downtime by getting your employees up to speed as quickly as possible.


Our team of support professionals will provide your employees with the training they need to operate these new platforms.

Is your company bottlenecked by legacy systems?


Our Team excels at helping you update or upgrade your existing systems.

We can help you identify strategic patches, major upgrades of legacy systems, or help you migrate to recognized or

state-ofthe-art platforms.

Upgrade or Migrate Existing Systems

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Find New Talent
with Our Staffing

Your organization relies on talented individuals to stay competitive.

But finding new talent isn’t easy. Indigo has access to a large pool of talented engineers, developers, and IT professionals that your organization can tap into. 

This service is designed to pair you up with industry  professionals that specialize in the IAM technologies you need.


We Strategize, Build, Integrate, and Support IAM Systems That Work

Is your company struggling to integrate new IAM technologies?Our consulting service provides you with industry expertise and insight that can help you identify, develop, and deploy the right technological solutions for your business. 

We have strategic relationships with many of the most popular enterprise software vendors on the market, and we can use these relationships to help your business implement customized and compliant solutions that align with your objectives.

Your Partner in Identity and Access Management


9513 Gouin Rd. West, Suite 200

Montreal, Quebec


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