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Our Services

Identity and Access Management Services

We help you identify strategic solutions that emphasize accessibility, flexibility, and usability without compromising on security. Our IAM team is an accredited ForgeRock Delivery Partner (ADP) and we leverage their design experience when creating both employee and customer-facing IAM solutions. Our consultants work directly with you in every phase of your project ensuring that the solutions offered are performing exactly as needed.

Privileged Access Management Services

Our PAM team is partnered with CyberArk, a leader in PAM, to provide robust solutions to secure your administrative access, your critical system access, and all other sensitive credentials. 

Our team simplifies how you handle PAM, providing you with the confidence you need to scale and grow your company.

Governance, Risk and Compliance 

Our Team's approach is to make Governance, Risk and Compliance a core attribute for your organization. We can assist your organization in achieving its business goals by enabling it with the right Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) toolset to stay in control at all times.

Full Customer Experience Service

Our Teams are available 24/7/365 to ensure your business never skips a beat.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Finding the right IAM, CIAM, and PAM solutions and services is challenging with so many options on the market.


By partnering with us, your company can leverage our industry expertise to identify, design, develop, and implement solutions that are agile, functional, and compliant. 

We’re business-oriented, service-driven, and consistent in everything we do


We work with your business to develop a strategic roadmap that clearly defines your business goals. We offer a variety of services that can transform the capabilities of your organization and its software, improve your internal processes, and provide your business with scalable solutions for future growth.

Your Partner in Identity and Access Management


9513 Gouin Rd. West, Suite 200

Montreal, Quebec


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